The Exodus of Calvita: Part IX

VERY SLOW FADE IN FROM BLACK: EXT. Night (VLS) The high Spurgolian plains are a constellation of campfires.

CUE 1 (Haunting female vocal, a capella). Very slow helicopter tracking shot takes us down into the campfires until embers cross the frame.

Tracking shot segues into POV. We are running through dark woods. SFX: twigs cracking, laboured breathing, distant shouting.

Fast cuts between POV and handheld running alongside. We see trees in fast parallax, flashes of flaming torches.

Soundtrack: Haunting vocal theme builds, introducing dissonant ethnic instruments and heavy, syncopated percussion.

POV: We are skidding downhill, losing our footing, crashing through trees. SFX: Shouting, closer now; war cries.

Handheld: The trees and torch flames are a blur. Moonlight flashes down a drawn sword. Soundtrack is now clamorous.

POV: We are cornered and desperate, spinning wildly, we leap. SFX: Thudding heart beat.

Fade to black. SFX: Slow heart beat, heavy reverb. Soundtrack goes silent. Hold for 48 frames.

SFX: Crashing sounds, distressed animal noises. Fade up. EXT. A plain at the edge of a forest. HOURLY stunned, a bemused yak.

HOURLY: Ah, for fecking Jaysus’ sake. For *feck’s* sake. I was nearly fecking away, ye fecking stupid cunt of a yak!

We pull out to MS. Warriors on horseback emerge in slo-mo from the forest, plumes of breath catching the moonlight. One dismounts.

KHAN approaches the kneeling HOURLY, crooks an elbow under his jaw and jerks him to his feet.

KHAN: Leetel queen. Why you run?

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