The Exodus of Calvita: Part VIII

INT. Day (MS): A shack in Sweatmire Province. O’RINGTONE is hunched over a makeshift workbench, gluing sequins to a loincloth. His candle gutters.

O’RINGTONE: The nits is gone, thanks be to Jaysus, so the apothecary is after clearing me to come back and model again. Happy days.

O’RINGTONE: And Trundlebert is coming around too. She did me a lovely juicy grub for the breakfast. Sets you up, so it does.

O’RINGTONE: Yeah, you take knocks. You get ejected from the Archimandrite’s apartments over nits. But you get back up, don’t you?

MVO: The news of his readmission has had a positive effect on Denis. But he still faces a battle to win the loincloth contract.

MVO: The Archimandrite is a shrewd negotiator, as well as a notorious sadist. Denis must prepare for a difficult day on the catwalk.

EXT. Day (LS) O’RINGTONE’s rickshaw has pulled over on a dirt track. A traffic cop with tusks and mirrored shades writes a ticket.

O’RINGTONE: He booked me for causing an obstruction. The fecking rickshaw trailer jack-knifed. Really did not need this today.

EXT. Day (MS) A roadside food stall. O’RINGTONE squeezes ketchup from a sachet onto a millipede burrito. The millipede crawls out.

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