The Exodus of Calvita: Part VII

INT. Night (MS): A dimly lit yurt. HOURLY lies awake. He is clamped in the colossal armpit of a snoring warlord.

Pulling out, we see that the bed is strewn with animal fur lingerie and gnawed bones. HOURLY appears afraid to move.

MVO: Michael has now been a concubine of Mughush Khan for six days. He has learned a great deal in this short time.

INT. (Night) The yurt. Khan is finally asleep. HOURLY extricates himself carefully from his grip and crawls quietly outside.

MVO: In the last few days, Michael has mastered ritual grooming, vulture egg omelettes and his gag reflex.

MVO: Today, though, Michael will face his biggest challenge so far. Mughush Khan’s mother intends to visit for supper and whist.

MVO: To enable Michael to speak freely, we have set up a camera in a nearby yak milking tent; let’s call it Yak-Cam.

INT. Night (CU): Yak-Cam.

HOURLY: Fierce fecking cold here at night. You’d think a yak skin catsuit would be some bit warm.

HOURLY: I’ve to milk these yokes here for the breakfast now. Getting the fleas out is a fecking curse.

HOURLY: You have to stay upbeat, though. Michael HOURLY is a fighter. Give us a hand with this zip.

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